"Loved working with this company and Jessica's team. Not only were they responsive to questions and requests, but they are welcoming and helpful as well. They gave us our privacy while still maintaining a good working relationship with us throughout our lease. Move out was straightforward and they were very accommodating to our short timeline due to a job relocation. We had some packages arrive after we moved out and Jessica was kind enough to forward them to our new address. When we moved out we knew that there would be some things that would be taken out of the deposit (wall scuffs, wear and tear, etc...), Jessica and her inspection team were fair with the cleaning and repair charges and ensured our remaining deposit refund was issued quickly. I have dealt with a lot of rental companies over the years and this team stands above the rest. We'll miss our little home with the big backyard in Springfield!"
- Brandon Welch

"The management team with Everett Homes is beyond professional and super friendly. They were amazing at getting our family into a rental when we were going through a difficult time. Any maintenance situation was always dealt with quickly and communication with management was personal, thorough and followed up without delay. I'd recommend them to anyone!"
- Gwen Tolley

"I rented from Everett Homes in Springfield, MO and had a great experience! Their property management team was always willing to help out when we needed assistance and rent prices and other fees were very fair. Any maintenance we needed was handled quickly and handled well. All communication was personal and clear - no copy-paste messages or blanket emails. Everyone on this team is friendly and honest! My roommates and I had a great experience living in our house!"
- Shannon McFarland

"I moved into my little house in October. The renovation team did a wonderful job of updating the paint, appliances, and flooring while still keeping some unique features of this house. When I did submit a maintenance request, they were here by the next day fixing the problem. If you are looking for an affordable home or rental with a team that cares about more than the property, look no further!"
- Michaela Lovig

"An amazing team, locally owned and operated. Their homes are the highest in quality and they are always trying to maintain the historic value of a home. Very community minded - couldn’t recommend them enough."
- Clif Brown